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In addition to the hips and legs, the knee plays a key role in building a strong underhand. It is a delicate and vulnerable area that can lift up to 100 pounds of strength.

The knees are linked to the strength of your lower extremities. They make your leg muscles more flexible when they explode. To avoid knee pain, build strong knees with these 4 exercises.

I. Elastic belt walking

Benefits: Toning hips and building balance.

Practice: place the elastic belt in the position of the thigh (about above the knee)→ open the legs to squat → take four to five steps to the left → change sides, take four to five steps to the right → repeat 4 times

This movement should pay attention to the whole process to maintain the “elastic belt” of moderate tightness, too loose will not bring out the training effect, and to avoid the knee position, you can put a fist above the knee, some people will also put the elastic belt in the ankle.

II. The Bulgarian squat

Benefits: Correct leg strength and flexibility balance, build knee stability.

How to do it: Stand in front of a bench → place your right foot on the bench and hold the kettlebell in both hands → exhale, bend your left leg and bring your right knee to the floor → lift it back to the starting position → do 12 reps on each side, 3 sets each.

The Bulgarian squat is a classic workout that can be done freehand or with dumbbells or kettlebells to enhance the workout. It works to strengthen the leg muscles and the knees to increase balance. Remember to keep the posture correct, the center of gravity is not too far ahead, easy to cause injury.

III. Tall cup squat

Benefits: Strengthen glutes and quadriceps and practice proper squats.

How to do it: Stand in a standing position with legs apart and hands holding kettlebell → press shoulders down with feet hip width apart → bend knees and legs and sit hips back below or parallel to knees → return to starting position → repeat 12 times in 3 sets.

Similarly, the kettlebell can be replaced with dumbbells. Hold the kettlebell (dumbbells) close to your chest with both hands. Imagine yourself holding a glass of wine and pull your hands in.

Keep your torso upright as you move, or you can easily lose your balance. This exercise will help make the “squat” position more standard and strengthen your knees.

IV. Slow decline of GHR

Benefits: Stretch hamstrings to prevent injuries.

Practice: ask your partner to help hold your ankle, kneel on the mat → hold your chest with your hands and slowly lean forward → when you touch the ground, your hands will rebound → return to the starting position → repeat 10 times

If you don’t have someone to hold your ankle, you can find a brace to hold it, but be careful.

Glute Hamstring Raises(GHR) is a good hip extension that combines the hip extension with the knee raiser to fully stretch the Hamstring to prevent injury and strengthen the leg muscles. It is a favorite workout for U.S. weightlifters.

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